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One of my favorite quotes in life by Warren Buffet “The best investment you can make, is an investment in your self… The more you learn the more you’ll earn”. And that is exactly the goal I have for this podcast, to continue expanding my life, learning from the best mentors and examples of success in the world, both living and not, through their stories and books to achieve the successful life we ourselves and our families deserve. The Booked morning PODCAST is produced daily for your enjoyment where I Bring you my take aways, gold nuggets, and summaries from some of the best books I read every day. Show notes can be found at www.bookedmorning.com.


This was an extraordinary book, combined with Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule Book. My gosh, with these 2, you can accomplish anything. The ONE Thing book presents us an exciting but very simple approach to productivity, based around a single question to help us declutter our life from stress, distractions and provide more focus and energy to achieving...

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This was a very a powerful book that presents Psychology Hacking ideas. It was filled with scientific studies and anecdotal stories that most of us who want to make our life better by positively influencing those around us can relate to. Lots of you that are into marketing may have heard his first book, Influence. In this book, Robert Cialdini...

Zero To One is an inside dive into billionaire Peter Thiel’s mindset for success by looking at the lessons he learned from founding and selling PayPal, investing early in Facebook and his journey to become a billionaire. The lessons may be geared for startups and tech but the overall mindset can be applied to any business that wants to achieve...

Starting in the 1940s the idea of Find your passion came about and started to really become prominent in the 80s..Where we were told that to be happy we have to find our passion and match it to our work. We find out from Cal that this mindset is juxtaposed by the fact that starting in the 1980s, job satisfaction started to drop as this idea of...