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One of my favorite quotes in life by Warren Buffet “The best investment you can make, is an investment in your self… The more you learn the more you’ll earn”. And that is exactly the goal I have for this podcast, to continue expanding my life, learning from the best mentors and examples of success in the world, both living and not, through their stories and books to achieve the successful life we ourselves and our families deserve. The Booked morning PODCAST is produced daily for your enjoyment where I Bring you my take aways, gold nuggets, and summaries from some of the best books I read every day. Show notes can be found at www.bookedmorning.com.


Im so excited to bring this fascinating book to you. It was written by Pulitzer prize wining reporter Charles Duhigg and was a New York Times best selling book. Last year I attended the Inbound Conference in Boston, and was fortunate enough to meet him and listen to his talk about this particular subject and reading this book puts everything...

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When we talk about or hear about success its often attributed to genius, talent and hard work. This his third thought provoking book shines a new perspective on success and how unseen factors contribute to someones success and some beyond what we can control. He is challenging everything we think we know about success and some of the best and...

Many of you listeners must be thinking. Win Friends? Like bribe them? or Influence them, is that the same as manipulating people to do what we want. Today’s mentality is so broken. When I tell some of my friends about this book, they chuckle thinking its a joke. But this is a classic 1936 book, a time when friends and influence meant something...

All of us in life, one time on another feel like a failure, or that whatever we try or to, it seems the universe is against it. I for sure have had those times in my life. With life challenges, failure is a part of the becoming successful and achieving process. In this podcast, my tag line is “a book a day keeps failures at bay.” we Cannot...