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Complete episode: Join Michael Cathcart and Sarah Kanowski for ABC Radio National's Books and Arts: Australia's only national broadcast devoted to literature and the arts. Published Mondays to Saturdays.


A gathering of the sharpest minds in Australian fiction debate the proposition that reading literary fiction improves empathy.

A new exhibition brings together the work of three pioneering modernist painters: American Georgia O'Keeffe, and Australians Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith; the National Theatre of Parramatta explores what it means to live in translation in their new show Who Speaks for Me?; and a documentary about filmmaker Philippe Mora as he's...

We hear from Irish artist Gerard Byrne on why he recreates historical conversations in his work, meet debut novelists Imbolo Mbue and Krys Lee, and hear how Charles Darwin's book On the Origin of Species changed humanity.

The Unconformity Festival mines the rocky landscape of Queenstown, Tasmania, art critic Laura Cumming on her dual biography of Diego Velazquez and the 19th century bookseller John Snare who went in search of one of his lost paintings, reviewer Ronnie Scott on The Schooldays of Jesus and the new novel by Eben Venter Trencherman and author Lian...