"Can You Take This Photo Please?" with Justin Hamilton

Justin Hamilton's 'Can You Take This Photo Please?'


Award winning comedian Justin Hamilton interviews comedians from all over Australia and abroad to talk about their careers, their processes and any other stories that come to mind.

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A brand new episode deals with the Donald Trump election victory and the main person Hammo wanted to talk to about it, the disappointed romantic himself, comedian Ben Ellwood. Ben and Hammo delve into the wreckage to find some answers only to find disappointment in both sides of the divide.

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A flashback interview with Morgan Spurlock from the podcast I used to host with Pete Helliar called imaginatively enough: ”Helliar and Hammo Dig Flicks!” Great to hear Morgan in full flight.

I had the opportunity to have a quick catch up with Margaret Cho while she was in Sydney for the Just For Laughs festival at the Opera House. Also contains thoughts on the Friday Night Lights style ending to the 2016 AFL and some opinions on Luke Cage and Westworld.

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Episode 229 - Paige Hally

August 25th, 2016

I’ve worked with comedian Paige Hally intermittently over the last couple of years and have really enjoyed not only her act but her progression with every gig. This is her first time on the podcast and an opportunity to see what makes Paige tick.