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Justin Hamilton's 'Can You Take This Photo Please?'


Award winning comedian Justin Hamilton interviews comedians from all over Australia and abroad to talk about their careers, their processes and any other stories that come to mind.

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Episode 235 - Stoned!

January 14th, 2017

Don’t let the title mislead you, this isn’t a Cheech and Chong tribute podcast. If you’ve ever had to be rushed to hosptial with kidney stones then sit back, wince and relate. If you haven’t then let me talk you through it. Ben Ellwood helps talk me through the experience, how our heroes influenced us and why we should watch the film, “All That...

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Welcome to 2017! A few changes to the podcast this year with new rotating co-host Ben Ellwood joining me to talk about the end of 2016, our celebrities getting older, the failure of the left to see the rise the right, our desperate need to have someone in the audience think we’re great and we double down on our love of the movie, “Paterson”.

For the final podcast of the year I caught up with old friends (Josh Earl) and new friends (Ivan Aristeguieta) and learn about Bolivian lady wrestlers, the politics of Venezuela and how your worst day is nowhere near as bad as Ivan’s worst day.

A brand new episode deals with the Donald Trump election victory and the main person Hammo wanted to talk to about it, the disappointed romantic himself, comedian Ben Ellwood. Ben and Hammo delve into the wreckage to find some answers only to find disappointment in both sides of the divide.