"Can You Take This Photo Please?" with Justin Hamilton

Justin Hamilton's 'Can You Take This Photo Please?'


Award winning comedian Justin Hamilton interviews comedians from all over Australia and abroad to talk about their careers, their processes and any other stories that come to mind.

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Tom Gleeson is not only the star of Hard Quiz and The Weekly but also one of Australia’s best and most popular comedians. We recorded this podcast the Perth Fringe in between breakfast and lunch, discussing his new show “Cheer Up” and his approach to staying at the top of his game.

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Time for the second flashback from the defunct “Helliar and Hammo Dig Flicks!” podcast spotlighting an interview with director Mike Mills about his wonderful movie “Beginners”. I also give my two cents worth (or should that be 5 cents now?) on movies “Jackie”, “Lion” and “Moonlight” (yay!) and “Passengers” (boo!). Also a little update on the joy...

"Can You Take This Photo Please?" with Justin Hamilton cover

Episode 236 - Nikki Britton

January 21st, 2017

Sydney comedian Nikki Britton is my guest for this podcast and we have a great chat about people who love being furious, Captain Starlight and Nikki’s wild encounter in the jungles of Borneo.

"Can You Take This Photo Please?" with Justin Hamilton cover

Episode 235 - Stoned!

January 14th, 2017

Don’t let the title mislead you, this isn’t a Cheech and Chong tribute podcast. If you’ve ever had to be rushed to hosptial with kidney stones then sit back, wince and relate. If you haven’t then let me talk you through it. Ben Ellwood helps talk me through the experience, how our heroes influenced us and why we should watch the film, “All That...