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Video Podcast - Learn Letters and Words with Larry Lobster

October 8th, 2007

Episode 6 of 9 episodes

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE LEARNING VIDEO - 12 MEGS IN MPEG4 FORMATThis is our first video podcast! Download the video in high-quality iPod-ready MPEG4 format or watch it in the streaming viewer right here.Go under the sea with Larry Lobster as he teaches the letters of the alphabet and shows kids how to use them in words. It's easy and fun to learn this way and it all fits perfectly with an iPod or a classroom.We'll be making more of these little videos as Larry Lobster makes his way through the alphabet. Stay tuned...Below is a very low-resolution stream of the learning video. It is really just intended for previewing. The download version above is much better.More of our larger audio productions with music and sound effects can be purchased by joining our Sound Story Club for just $9.95 a year.Duration: 00:01:55

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