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Welcome to Capitol Ideas. This is where we sit down with members of the majority Democratic caucus in the Washington State House of Representatives to give listeners an inside look at important aspects of how their citizen Legislature works, and who and what it's working for.


Today we look at a pair of bills sponsored by Rep. Noel Frame (D-Seattle). One would shortcut the currently cumbersome route college students with disabilities have to take when transferring between schools. The other looks at a high-tech alternative to college textbooks that can cost hundreds of dollars for a single course. Rep. Frame is joined...

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Washington state pumps about 95 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. That's more than twice the targeted volume for the year 2050, and we're behind schedule to meet that goal. Burien Democrat Joe Fitzgibbon chairs the House Environment Committee in Olympia, and he's introduced a bill to speed up the process by...

Violence against Muslims, Jews and people of color continues to increase, and one conversation about it doesn't seem to be enough. This week Rep. Derek Stanford and Aneelah Afzali, director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network, pick up where the last "Capitol Ideas" left off.

Overt acts of anti-Semitism are increasingly common around the U.S. and here in Washington state. Mosques are burned and vandalized. People who look vaguely Middle Eastern are targeted by violent xenophobes, and racist bullies do what racist bullies do. Is hate the new black? We hear today from a lawmaker and a rabbi to get their take on...