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The Celtic Myth Podshow will tell you the Ancient Tales and Legends of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the other Celtic countries. It will bring you the bravery of heroes and heroines, the magnificent pantheon of gods and goddesses and the magic and wonder of druids, faeries and folklore. It weaves together the rich, beautiful tapestry of mythological history, battles and sagas of the Celts, with their History, Archaeology and Modern Culture.


CMP Special 25b - Irish Mythological Cycle Summary Pt 2

April 8th, 2011

Episode 125 of 189 episodes

In this show we finish off our summary of the the Irish Mythological Cycle as we've met it so far in the first 29 story episodes. Not only is this show finishing off a whole branch of Celtic Mythology, but it also celebrates the Autumn Equinox for 2011, so we've made it a real cracker and split it into two halves. In the first half you heard an epic poem, 4 great songs and we took a look at the Origins of the Manuscripts which these stories come from and highlight some of the the themes we've noticed in the stories. We conclude our examination of the Irish Mythological Cycle in this Second Part of this show by looking at the main characters in the stories, finishing the epic saga of Greenwood the Bard's epic poem, and yes, another 5 great pieces of music! We also introduce you to the newest member of the team, play another Pentacle Drummers track to let you know that the deadline for competition entries is the 20th Novembers. Phew! Hope you enjoy it, Gary & Ruthie x x x Full details can be found at shownotes.celticmythpodshow.com You can email us at: [email protected] You can leave us a voice message by using skype name: celticmythpodshow You can chat to us on our Facebook fan-page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Celtic-Myth-Podshow/119924783750. Please have fun on our website, browsing and joining in the conversations in the forums.

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