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This is the hub for award-winning photographer Chase Jarvis' behind-the-scenes videos. Look for RAW (our b-roll footage from several shoots), FRAMES (the stitching together of every still frame from a shoot), TECH (technical tips) and CURRENT (full length video of Chase's speaking engagements). Welcome to the untold story--the black box--of commercial photography. Enjoy.


Chase Jarvis FRAMES: Hasselblad Masters

May 6th, 2007

Episode 2 of 44 episodes

Here’s an interesting peek at the underbelly of professional photography--the gems and the warts, the outtakes, the volume, the repetition, light tests, blown angles, and the hero shots all wound together in one tight little ball. This is an uncut series of 2000 still photographs, stitched together and put to music, featuring every image I shot during a 5-day period for personal work, my portfolio, AND to promote the 2007 Hasselblad Masters (a gold star I received in late 2006). Ultimately, of the 2000 images, it’s likely that only 6 to 10 of them will ever have a commercial or fine-art life. The purpose of this concept--what we’re calling Chase Jarvis FRAMES--is to show a behind-the-scenes look into ALL the pictures from a given shoot, especially the ones that wouldn’t normally see the light of day. My hope is that this helps better illustrate what really goes into shooting and selecting the final images we see in advertisements, magazines, and on gallery walls. What do you think? Thanks to Ghostland Observatory for the music.

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