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This is the hub for award-winning photographer Chase Jarvis' behind-the-scenes videos. Look for RAW (our b-roll footage from several shoots), FRAMES (the stitching together of every still frame from a shoot), TECH (technical tips) and CURRENT (full length video of Chase's speaking engagements). Welcome to the untold story--the black box--of commercial photography. Enjoy.


Chase Jarvis FRAMES Pray It Snow

October 6th, 2008

Episode 18 of 44 episodes

The following is a series of 3954 still photographs shot during the last few winters - mostly at Stevens Pass, WA. These images have been stitched together to highlight what it takes to capture just a handful of professional ski and snowboard images. Thanks to everyone whose turns, airs, and jibs appear herein. Pray for snow. - Chase Jarvis

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