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10 Virgins? Speaking in Tongues? Other Created Humans? QA 22 June 2016

July 22nd, 2016

Episode 222 of 236 episodes

This week, Chuck and Ron discuss some more of your questions. If you would like to skip to a particular question, please use the times below: 03:58 - Receiving Special Revelations from God 07:44 - What about the “New Jerusalem?” 10:50 - The Origin of Demons 12:49 - Prophesy NOT for Predictions? 19:01 - What happens next on the Prophetic Calendar? 21:35 - Difference of Fallen Angels and Demons! 23:02 - Where there other Humans created in the beginning? 28:36 - Why did God save the Animals on the Ark? 33:43 - Is the Rapture shown in the book of Job? 34:36 - Where are the plans for the 3rd Temple? 38:02 - Who are the 10 Virgins? 40:38 - Group Prayer vs Individual Prayer Effectiveness? 43:57 - How long will God pour out His final wrath? 45:25 - Speaking in Tongues after Salvation. 47:50 - Can Divorcees serve in Ministry? -If you would like your question answered, then please send an email [email protected] Please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.. Here you will find weekly programs, as they are uploaded.

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