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Mandela Effect reloaded? Turkey Update! QA August 3rd 2016

August 14th, 2016

Episode 228 of 236 episodes

This week, Chuck and Ron discuss some more of your questions. If you would like to skip to a particular question, please use the times below: 07:33 - Mandela Effect Test for Chuck Missler 22:47 - Turkey Update 27:59 - Purpose of Prophecy? Not for predicting future? 31:13 - Dreams and Visions? 36:07 - Location of Eden? 39:14 - Loosing Salvation, Book of Life? 42:41 - Could there be a partial Rapture? 45:55 - Persecution of the church, for some? 48:55 - Will children be Raptured? 50:29 - Will we see Anti-Christ or 2 witnesses before we are Raptured? 51:20 - Did Jesus fulfil the age requirements of the passover lamb? 52:09 - Crossing of the Red Sea a type of Baptism? 52:33 - Christians response to Islamic refugees? - Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel. Subscriptions ensure that you are always informed when new videos are uploaded, and its really helps us to bring you better content. - To subscribe to The Personal Update News Journal, go to: http://www.khouse.org/subscribe - To learn more about the Koinonia Institute, go to: http://www.studycenter.com - To support our channel and enable us to bring you more and more content, please consider donating -

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