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No Charge for Hillary? Multi-Verse? Holy Spirit Post Rapture? Q&A July 6th 2016

July 22nd, 2016

Episode 224 of 236 episodes

To book to attend our conference, please go to https://koinoniainstitute.org/conference/ This week, Chuck and Ron discuss some more of your questions. If you would like to skip to a particular question, please use the times below: 03:18 - Can we loose our Salvation? 06:15 - Hillary Clinton not charged? 15:32 - What should American Christians do in case of Abandonment? 21:10 - Rapture references in the Old Testament? 25:33 - What is the Mystery of the Gospel? 28:18 - What is the Outer Darkness? 31:54 - What is the Multi-Verse? (@K Grove) 36:33 - Feast of Trumpets for Christ’s Return? 38:18 - Sacrifice in NEW Temple an Abomination? 41:21 - 7 Letters promises inside letter and post-script…why? (@Cycle Preacher) 42:58 - Who Made God? Why the Tree in the Garden? 44:55 - Why is Hell a Punishment for Satan? 46:36 - Difference in Baptism… Father/Son/Holy Spirit…or in the name of Yeshua? 48:42 - Will we have the Holy Spirit, post-Rapture? 50:34 - Can we have Victory over habitual sin? 52:00 - Who Will Populate 1000 Year Kingdom? 52:47 - Getting the Gospel to whole world, before return of Christ? 53:36 - Was Eve and Jesus tempted the same? 54:52 - Who is the Prince in Ez. 48? 55:38 - New World Order? If you would like your question answered, then please send an email [email protected] Please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.. Here you will find weekly programs, as they are uploaded.

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