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Click at the Crick

October 18th, 2016

Click visits the recently opened Francis Crick Institute in London. It’s a biomedical research centre with gene sequencing machines and computer systems that crunch petabytes of data. As part of a special series of programmes from the Institute, Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson explore the hope that the data collected and analysed will lead to...

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In a week which saw reports of Twitter being bought come and go, its Head of Public Policy in India, Mahima Kaul tells Click about efforts to use Twitter to promote social justice, such as empowering women, encouraging citizenship for youngsters and even helping in emergencies. Sovereign Internet Identity Who are you? How do I know you are you...

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European Copyright Reform

October 4th, 2016

A ruling by the European Court has drawn some critics to suggest that free Wi-Fi might fall foul of copyright laws. Click talks to the MEP, Julia Reda. Online Map Charting Food Loss/Waste A non-profit organisation in Singapore has launched a plan for an online map to show innovation and curb loss in the food chain. Click hears from Gwyneth Fries...

Dr Patricia Lewis discusses her new research on the threat of cyberattacks in space. Satellites and other space assets, just like other parts of the digitized critical infrastructure, are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattack. Cardboard VR App for Smartphones Enables Reality of Dementia Through EDIE’s Eyes Rajesh Vasa discusses a new virtual...