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Michela Magas talks to Click about her recent top award at the European Prize for Women Innovators. Michela is founder of Stromatolite Design Innovation Labs, building a new generation of creative technology toolkits for innovation. Industry leaders from more than forty African countries gathered in Lagos last week to address The Future of...

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A hand-mounted exoskeleton for surgeons is being demonstrated at the European Robotics Forum. Click talks to Dr Sanja Dogramadzi from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory about the research into the robotic exoskeleton that will help in intricate surgery, mimicking the actions of the surgeon’s hands. RIKEN’s K computer in Kobe, Japan, is used for a...

What if we could control robots with our brains? Researchers at MIT and Boston University are looking into just that prospect. Click talks to Professor Daniela Rus from MIT. Noa Gafni Slaney, CEO of Impact Squared is a champion of the positive benefits of digital connectedness. She joins Click to talk about limiting fake news and her work with...

Do you really need to ‘upgrade’ your smart phone after a year or two? How many keyboards and mice have you thrown away that might be perfectly serviceable if a little less cool with the passage of time? How can we challenge the policies that drive the built-in obsolescence of technology? But maybe it has always been thus? Does it matter so much...