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1979 Revolution Game

April 5th, 2016

Episode 82 of 152 episodes

The Iranian developer, Navid Khonsari, is used to controversy over his video games – especially when he worked on the Grand Theft Auto series, which is known for its violent content. Khonsari’s latest project however took an even stranger turn when a few years ago he was branded a U.S spy by newspapers in Iran over the development of a video game called “1979 Revolution”. The game, which has just launched, centres on a young photojournalist living in Tehran during the revolution in Iran, the country from which Khonsari fled more than thirty years ago. Lauren Hutchinson reports for Click. The Games Europe Plays The Games Europe Plays is an interactive games exhibition in London showcasing the most exciting independent European digital games for young people. The exhibition is curated by body technologist and digital expert Ghislaine Boddington. The innovative games made in Europe have a strong emphasis on design, virtual interactivity and physical engagement. Click hears from some of the developers - Gigglebug (Finland), and Toca Boca (Sweden) – as well as children playing the games, focussing on the drive towards gender neutrality in games and the enhancement of cognitive development in children. Click is also joined by Ghislaine Boddington to discuss the new formats which encompass physical interactions and the exploration of digital representations of individuals. Pigeon Patrol Pigeons kitted out with tiny back-pack monitors have been released over London as an experiment into monitoring pollution. The researchers plan to collaborate with Imperial College in the near future to find human volunteers who will be walking monitors of air pollution. Click talks to the researcher, Romain Lacombe. (Image caption: 1979 Revolution Ink Stories) Producer: Colin Grant

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