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Anonymous Declares 'Total War' on IS

November 24th, 2015

Episode 64 of 152 episodes

The online platform Telegram has suspended a number of accounts linked to IS and the online hacking collective Anonymous has declared "total war" on IS after the attacks in Paris. It is not the first time they have had IS in their sights. But what does it mean? Is the move against IS significant? Anonymous’s tactics have often been controversial, sometimes illegal, and do not always win them support. As so-called Islamic State vows to fight back, what, asks Becky Milligan, is Anonymous likely to achieve and will its strategy help or hinder the fight against extremism? Won’t those members of IS who communicate via Twitter or other social networks just open new accounts? Click reports on the imagined power of Anonymous. 100 Women Click hears from the computer scientist and roboticist, Maja Matarić, a professor at the University of Southern California, about overcoming the limits imposed by the historically masculine world of her chosen discipline. Playable City Lagos Click talks to Olamide Udo-Udoma, Head of Future Lagos about Playable City Lagos. It is an initiative to collaboratively research and develop playful ideas at the intersection of art, technology, society and culture, to respond to specific social challenges and specific geographic locations in Lagos. Playable City Lagos, supported by the British Council and the arts organisation, Watershed, has just launched a call for participants with creative ideas for the scheme. Tangerine Tangerine is an award-winning film shot entirely on iPhones. Click interviews the director, Sean Baker, about the constraints that came with such low budget film-making on the quality of the film, and the scale and scope of the technology. (Photo: A man wearing a mask associated with Anonymous makes a statement in this still image from a video released on November 2015 Reuters)

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