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Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel

March 8th, 2016

Episode 78 of 152 episodes

Anglo-Irish history is being taken on by the powers of virtual reality spatial storytelling. At its heart is a remarkable eye-witness account from the centre of the Easter Rising, as those on both sides of the Irish Sea mark the rebellion’s 100th anniversary. Click talks to the VR producer, Catherine Allen on the eve of the launch of Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel. iDoc Festival Lauren Hutchinson reports from the i-Docs symposium in Bristol on the latest developments in interactive films. From personalisation to VR and experiential storytelling; and evolving practices – where are i-Docs going now? Kenya: Riziki Source Riziki Source is an organization that provides a platform for people with disabilities to find work. Applicants send their CVs to Riziki who upload them on a database. They plan to open digital hubs across the country where people with disabilities can work 'remotely' once hired. Michael Kaloki reports from Nairobi. Faster detection of landmines using radar There are more than 100 million landmines and unexploded devices littering the planet and putting people’s lives at risk. Clearing areas contaminated with landmines is a slow and dangerous process. German researchers have now developed a way of much faster widespread detection of landmines with equipment loaded onto a truck which is able to scan large areas using radar. Click talks to Dr. Markus Peichl, German Aerospace Center (DLR), in Munich. Producer: Colin Grant (Photo: The aftermath of the Easter Uprising, April 1916, with the ruins of a car which has been used as a barricade. Topical Press Agency / Getty Images.)

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