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FutureEverything: Project Ukko

March 29th, 2016

Episode 81 of 152 episodes

Project Ukko presents a novel way to visualize seasonal wind predictions, which could play a big role in wind energy production in the future. It shows how fascinating things can happen when cutting-edge research and design come together. A key challenge has been how to deal with the uncertainty of wind predictions. Project Ukko’s “ray casting” model is a fresh approach. On the eve of this year’s FutureEverything festival, Click talks to artist and founder of the festival Drew Hemment and to Carlo Buontempo from Project Ukko. Social Entrepreneurship What makes a social innovator? Empathy - according to the award-winning innovator Ken Banks - is the key to successful social innovation. “If any solution is to have a chance of success, and there really are no short cuts. It takes time and effort”. Click talks to Ken Banks about outliers of digital innovation around the world, as revealed in his ground-breaking new book, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. We Care Solar We Care Solar is one of the projects Ken Banks highlights in his book. It was started by the physician Laura Stachel to try to solve the problem of the hundreds of thousands of women dying in childbirth each year – huge numbers partly as a consequence of a lack of electricity in the maternity clinics and wards. Click’s Colin Grant talks to Laura Stachel. (Photo caption: Waves break on a jetty holding wind turbines in the Channel port of Boulogne-sur-mer, France Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images) Producer: Colin Grant

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