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FutureFest Special

September 13th, 2016

Episode 107 of 152 episodes

FutureFest, hosted by the UK's innovation foundation Nesta, confronts how the world we know is changing. Technology is transforming the way we live and love; work is being automated; politics is being reset; and old certainties are disappearing. Through live performances, presentations and immersive experiences FutureFest explores the future in themes central to all our lives, including love, play, and work. As we look ahead to the first ever Bionic Games 'Cybathlon' on 8 October, Click looks at the future of sports. What can we really expect from the emerging era of human enhancement? As the physical and virtual worlds blend thanks to the commercialisation of immersive VR and AR technologies, will our future love-lives increasingly take place in 3D virtual real-time environments? With personalised avatars that allow us to be and find the lover (or lovers) of our choice, how will this affect our social abilities in the real world in the future? Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson are joined by a panel of experts including professor Andy Miah, chair in Science Communication and Future Media, at the University of Salford, Manchester, the body technologist, Ghislaine Boddington and Marie Horner, a broadcast and digital programme producer. (Photo: Meeting The Blind Robot Louis-Philippe Demers)

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