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Moment Allows Navigation on Your Skin

August 30th, 2016

Episode 105 of 152 episodes

Moment is a wristband that traces your GPS direction on your skin. Instead of having to rely on your smartphone for navigation, it suggests the direction to take via a signal on your wrist. Click talks to the key researcher of the gadget, Shantanu Bala. African Smartphone Use Smartphone use in Africa has doubled. The big driver is the huge drop in the price for smartphones which are even cheaper of course when second-hand. Michael Kaloki reports from Nairobi. Plantsss: One of the Greenest Apps Around Plantsss was created by the Chilean garden designer Max Delporte with the aim of democratising gardening. Using your GPS location this app gives you information about the best kind of plants to use in your area. Click’s Jane Chambers went to Mahuida Park on the outskirts of Santiago to meet the two founders Max Delporte and Santiago Lyon for a demonstration of Plantsss. Eataly Carlo Ratti has a plan to reconnect you with the simple pleasure of growing your own organic food. But the catch is you will do so digitally. Click talks to Ratti about his plans for a new kind of farming that will be unveiled in Bologna, Italy. (Photo caption: Moment Somatic Labs) Producer: Colin Grant

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