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Monitoring Online Hate Speech in Ethiopia

May 31st, 2016

Episode 91 of 152 episodes

Click talks to Iginio Gagliardone, the author of a new paper on online debates in Ethiopia from hate speech to engagement in social media. Claims that social media are increasingly being used to disseminate hate speech and incite violence often fail to build on comprehensive and publicly accessible empirical evidence. This makes it difficult to place the most extreme forms of expression into context, understand how pervasive they are, and determine how they spread. The Argus Project A wearable exo-suit with dozens of surveillance cameras embedded to act as a citizens’ version of the police body camera is The Argus Project's response to police brutality in the USA. The project poses the question - what happens when the watched becomes the watcher? Lauren Hutchinson reports from New York on the project designed to empower citizens to exercise their right to bear witness. Hack in the Box Amsterdam Click’s Jonathan Kent reports from the annual Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam, and hears from hackers who are developing tools to prevent your car being hacked. Algorithms to Live By Click talks to Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths, authors of a new book which explores the idea of human algorithm design - searching for better solutions to the challenges people encounter every day. The book, Algorithms to Live By applies the lens of computer science to everyday life. (Photo: Men sitting at a computer terminals. Released under Creative Common Licence)

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