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Space, the Final Frontier for Cybersecurity?

September 27th, 2016

Episode 109 of 152 episodes

Dr Patricia Lewis discusses her new research on the threat of cyberattacks in space. Satellites and other space assets, just like other parts of the digitized critical infrastructure, are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattack. Cardboard VR App for Smartphones Enables Reality of Dementia Through EDIE’s Eyes Rajesh Vasa discusses a new virtual reality smartphone app, released by Alzheimer’s Australia Vic, to enable people to see the world through the eyes of a person living with dementia. Lionfish Robot Zappers Tech entrepreneurs are developing a lionfish zapper robot with the aim of controlling the population of invasive lionfish. Lionfish, a species artificially introduced by humans into the Atlantic 25 years ago, are affecting the ecosystem and coral reefs. Silicon Forest Alison van Diggelen reports on Portland’s growing rivalry to Silicon Valley with a focus on automated cars and drones. (Photo caption: Soyuz TMA-19M in space Tim Peake/ESA/NASA) Producer: Colin Grant

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