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The Brave New World of Generation Open

November 3rd, 2015

Episode 61 of 152 episodes

ODI summit at the BFI Are you a part of Generation Open? Do you yearn for open source and for sharing data? Then you just might be part of the new digital generation – not bound by age. Click talks to one of the key speakers at the Open Data Institute Summit in London, Martha Lane Fox, about the advances in the openness of data and what it means to be Generation Open. Dublin Platform 2015 at Front Line Defenders Front Line Defenders is hosting a gathering of over a hundred Human Rights Defenders in Dublin. They all have one thing in common: they are all at risk because of their human rights work. What are the digital risks to this activism and how might they be helped to limit the risks? Click talks to the Information Security Consultant, Wojtek Bogusz, about strategies for security and what might be found in an IT tool kit. Helping blind people keep fit with tech Blind people often have difficulty keeping fit and safe. How do you freely jog or run if you are blind? Click hears from researchers who are using drones that will fly ahead of blind runners as they take to the track. Sensors for American footballers Wearable technologies are increasingly being used in sports. A recent American football game at London’s Wembley Stadium has showcased how data capture technology is being used at the game to track, analyze and measure player and team performance. The technology is being deployed by the NFL throughout the USA as well as in other stadiums for the International Series Games. Colin Grant reports from Wembley. (Photo: Martha Lane Fox and colleagues at the ODI summit. Photo courtesy of ODI) Producer: Colin Grant

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