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Twitter for Social Good in India

October 11th, 2016

Episode 111 of 152 episodes

In a week which saw reports of Twitter being bought come and go, its Head of Public Policy in India, Mahima Kaul tells Click about efforts to use Twitter to promote social justice, such as empowering women, encouraging citizenship for youngsters and even helping in emergencies. Sovereign Internet Identity Who are you? How do I know you are you and not some other you? Is there someone I ask? Doc Searls has been thinking in the field of Internet Identity for many years. Ahead of this month’s Internet Identity Workshop in the US, he talks to Click about the current trends and dangers. WILD App for Conservation In Kenya a new app is available to help conservation agencies and scientists track real world animals and wildlife. The BBC’s Michael Kaloki spoke to Tirus Kamau, of @iLab, Strathmore University, about the hopes and dangers. A Naked Mole-Rat Eutopia At an exhibition in London’s Somerset House, a new piece by Julie Freeman uses data from a live naked mole-rat colony to ask questions about a possible future of human society to ask possible questions about human society. Julie joins Click to explain more. (Photo caption: Indian women check their mobile telephones Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images) Producer: Alex Mansfield

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