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Universe Within Reveals the Takeover of Digital Lives

June 16th, 2015

Episode 40 of 152 episodes

The final part of the Highrise interactive documentary series has just launched online. Universe Within: Digital Lives in the Global Highrise offers an innovative global look at life on the Web – a five year project that Click has followed through all of its iterations. We talk to the director Katerina Cizek. Responsive Street Furniture Researchers have produced 'responsive street furniture' that physically adapts to the needs of those moving around it in public. They aim to render our physical space as reactive and adaptable as the virtual space. Lamp-posts might for example be tweaked to offer greater illumination for people with visual impairments and street maps might also give directions by talking to them. Gareth Mitchell talks to the designer, Ross Atkin. The Four Dimensional Human With so much of life experienced digitally these days, it is perhaps no surprise that the writer, Laurence Scott, considers this digital existence as a dimension in itself – a fourth dimension alongside the standard three of our pre-digital existence. Laurence joins Click to discuss his new book, The Four Dimensional Human. Bug Bounty Hunters Hackers and anti-cybercrime experts who breach corporate systems to reveal vulnerabilities to those corporations are sometimes called bug bounty hunters. But this good faith is being tested by the rise in the amounts of money the bounty hunters are increasingly demanding. And increasingly, as Click's Jonathan Kent reports, criminal networks are prepared to outbid the corporations for the information about vulnerabilities. (Photo: The virtual character Old Soul (played by Keliyah Ogiamien) guides viewers through the interactive experience Universe Within: Digital Lives in the Global Highrise, courtesy of the NFB)

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