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US Government Fingerprints Hacked

September 29th, 2015

Episode 56 of 152 episodes

US government personnel data records have been hacked and over five million fingerprint records stolen. Biometrics cannot be copied as easily as a number or password but any security breach is much more serious as fingerprints and retinas cannot be reset. Dr Carol Buttle a cybersecurity and biometrics expert explains more. Medical Devices Vulnerable to Hackers MRI scanners and other medical devices are also being targeted by hackers. Why are they connected to the internet at all? BBC technology writer Jane Wakefield tells of recent research from the US with a fake MRI aimed to monitor hacking efforts. Project Isizwe In South Africa, mobile phones may be common but data is expensive. And yet it is important for education. Project Isizwe co-founder James Devine talks to Click about spreading free wi-fi in South Africa. what3words Around 75% of the world’s countries and four billion people have no address. No address means fewer rights. Company what3words have given each 9m2 section of the world an address, consisting of three words. CEO Chris Sheldrick explains how the system works in multiple languages and some of its less obvious uses. (Photo caption: A scanned finger print Getty Images)

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