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06 June 16: Paul Sinha's History Revision (Ep 2)

June 6th, 2016

Episode 83 of 143 episodes

Paul Sinha returns for a second series of his History Revision, the show that uncovers the fascinating stories that we've forgotten in our onward march of progress. In the last series we learned how Alexander Graham Bell did NOT invent the telephone, and that the World Cup final of 2014 could only have happened because of the 1415 invasion of Morocco. 2/4: Exploration & Death. This week, Paul looks at the some of the heroic pioneers in the field in exploration, and recounts how they met implausibly stupid deaths. From the mighty warrior who was killed by a dead man, to the botanist killed by cattle, to the man who is famous for something he didn't do (having been dismembered before he could do it) this is a show best listened to as you sit safely in a comfy chair, not travelling anywhere. "Sinha's gift for finding humour in it all makes him worth a listen" - The Telegraph Written and performed by Paul Sinha Produced by Ed Morrish A BBC Radio Comedy Production.

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