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13th March 17: Spotlight Tonight with Nish Kumar (Ep 1)

March 13th, 2017

Episode 126 of 143 episodes

We all like to think we know about the news and yet, whilst jokes about Boris Johnson's haircut are all well and good, do you still have that nagging suspicion there's important things going on beneath the headlines you'd like to know about? Well, help is at hand! Nish Kumar is here to cast his spotlight on the week's most talked about news items, taking an in-depth look at the biggest stories from the past seven days to scrutinise what's actually going on beneath the bluster. Recorded on the day of transmission, Spotlight Tonight brings you the most reactive up to date in-depth look at the news. This week Nish tackles today's budget, looks at the latest in the unfolding Trump saga, and discusses the latest scheme to encourage young people to get on the housing ladder. Roving reporter without portfolio investigates today's International Women's Day and, possibly contravening all BBC regulations, Peugeot have paid for a section of the show to address their takeover of Vauxhall Opel (they haven't really paid for it, it's part of the joke). Starring Nish Kumar, Sarah Campbell and Kieran Hodgson. Written by Robin Morgan, Sarah Campbell, Max Davis, Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch, Nish Kumar, and Tom Neenan. It was produced by Matt Stronge and was a BBC Studios Production.

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