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19th December 16: Desolation Jests (Ep 1)

December 19th, 2016

Episode 112 of 143 episodes

David Jason stars alongside John Bird, Jan Ravens and Rory Bremner in David Renwick’s dark and quirky new comedy sketch show that takes a not-altogether-factual look at the history of comedy…. What comedy sketches would you most want at your side to face the end of the world? This week interviewer J.P Doom interviews Frankie “Flesh Eater” Harris about a life at the top of the Most Wanted list, and discusses what sketch-based chuckles he would choose to lighten his heart if he found himself stranded in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The show includes clips from spurious comedy greats such as Mace and Dixon’s “the Fiancée of Frankenstein” sketch; the ultimate Mastermind parody from Jenkin Spleen and Helena Handcart; and the fast-talking lunacy of the Klutz Brothers' classic “A Day at the Proctologists”. Cast: David Jason John Bird Jan Ravens Rory Bremner Produced by Gareth Edwards Production Coordinator: Sophie Richardson It was a BBC Studios Production.

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