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28 Dec 15: Pam Ayres At Christmas and Bridget Christie's Christmas List

December 28th, 2015

Episode 58 of 143 episodes

Part 1. Pam Ayres at Christmas Much-loved poet, comedienne and broadcaster Pam Ayres brings us 'Operation Christmas'. This Christmas for the first time ever, long-married Pam and Gordon are on their own. But how to spend the festive season? A posh hotel? A cruise? Extreme sports? Fortunately the crisis is resolved by a letter from the NHS.... Written by Pam Ayres Starring Pam Ayres as Pam and Geoffrey Whitehead as Gordon. Produced by Claire Jones Part 2. Bridget Christie's Christmas List Father Christmas helps Bridget bring about a feminist Christmas for 2015, whether he wants to or not. Featuring (much to their surprise) Miles Jupp, Robin Ince, Jon Culshaw and Leo Wan. A Christmas show for everyone. Even men. Written by and starring Bridget Christie. Producer..Alexandra Smith A BBC Radio Comedy Production

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