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Cracking Up (Series 1, Ep 1) plus Beef and Dairy Network interview

May 15th, 2017

Episode 133 of 143 episodes

In a Comedy of the Week podcast first, Cariad Lloyd chats to Beef and Dairy Network's Benjamin Partridge about his surreal bovine-themed comedy. But first, Cariad introduces this week's comedy pick... Cracking Up (Series 1, Episode 1: Let's Talk About Sex) Psychotherapist Spencer finds an uncomfortable conversation with daughter Tilly leads him to an inappropriate outburst outside the school gates. Meanwhile, ex-wife Tina is struggling to get teenager Dylan out of the door in the absence of his lucky pants. Spencer has an awkward moment with a man on a tube train and decides to make himself feel better by taking Tilly (and bagfuls of his clothes) to a charity shop. Unfortunately, there's a misunderstanding with the owner that results in Spencer shouting a lot about cancer and smashing a door down - but Police eventually let him off with a caution. Tina's boyfriend Owen's motorbike has been vandalised with a magic marker and Tilly's curious as to why Spencer's hands have got ink all over them. A Big Talk production for BBC Radio 4.

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