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SIMON EVANS GOES TO MARKET S2 E4 SUGAR PLN 522 15 LK 0883 LH0 TX 29.07.2015 R4 18.30.wav

August 3rd, 2015

Episode 36 of 130 episodes

Comedian Simon Evans' new series about the economics of some of the goods - or bads - to which we're addicted. In this episode Simon Evans looks at the economics, history and health issues behind sugar. Some people say sugar could be the new tobacco - exposed as a health risk that's been knowingly concealed for decades. And the trouble is sugar is in almost everything now - even things that 'look' savoury. What part does economics have to play in how we have got to this point? How do we make sense of what the food industry is doing with sugar? And if we want to invest in this addiction, how do we do it? With the help of economics guru, More Or Less host Tim Harford and the Queen of investment know-how, Merryn Somerset Webb, plus author David Gillespie, Simon walks us around the economics of this very familiar commodity and pokes fun at our relationship with it. Presented by Simon Evans, with regular guests Tim Harford and Merryn Somerset Webb. Written by Simon Evans, Benjamin Partridge and Andy Wolton. Produced by Claire Jones. A BBC Radio Comedy Production.

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