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Comic Geek Speak is the best podcast about comic books for fans and new readers alike. Put together by a group of life-long comic geeks, it's 4-5 hours a week of comic book history, current comic news, and a general look at the industry. In addition to all the latest in comics talk, the show also features creator interviews, listener responses, contests, and trivia, lots of trivia. So listen in and experience all the joys of a Wednesday afternoon at the comic shop, from the comfort of your own headphones.


Bryan is a big gaming fan, and 3D printing game terrain and scenery is quickly becoming his favorite hobby. In this episode we talk to Matt at PrintalbeScenery.com about their current Kickstarter campaign for a modular castle system. (26:00)

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Previews! We go through the March 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in May and afterwards have a brief discussion on the 'Logan' movie. (1:27:09)

Tonight's the night! Elbow your way past the paparazzi and take your seats for the big reveal of the winners of the CGS 'Best of 2016' Awards, as chosen by YOU, the listeners! (All envelopes guaranteed to contain the correct names!) (56:50)

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1642 - Comic Talk

February 24th, 2017

Be vewy, vewy quiet--we're talking comics! Popping out of the rabbit-hole in this episode are a salute to the late Richard 'Apollo Adama' Hatch; a spirited discussion of The Lego Batman Movie and the Legion TV series; a recap of Pants' trip to Gallifrey One; reading recommendations from Chris; a touch of toy talk with Shane; and a teaser of the...