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Containers is an 8-part audio documentary about how global trade has transformed the economy and ourselves. Host and correspondent Alexis Madrigal leads you through the world of ships and sailors, technology and tugboats, warehouses and cranes. At a time when Donald Trump is threatening to toss out the global economic order, Containers provides an illuminating, deep, and weird look at how capitalism actually works now.


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Episode 7: The Lost Docks

April 12th, 2017

It’s 1979 and containerization is sweeping through the San Francisco waterfront, leaving the old docks in ruins. As global trade explodes, a group of longshoremen band together to try to preserve the culture of work that they knew. They take pictures, create a slide show, and make sound recordings. Those recordings languished in a basement for...

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It started with a puzzle: why were people in West Oakland dying 12-15years earlier than their counterparts in the wealthier hills? Thepeople in the flatlands were dying of the same things as the people inthe hills, just much younger. Meet the doctor who helped make the casethat air pollution from cargo handling was one big part of the answer,and...

American companies pioneered container shipping, but now the ocean freight business is dominated by foreign firms. Thanks to the Jones Act, a 1920 law, all cargo between American ports must be carried on American-made ships, so we do still have a fleet. But the ships are old and outdated. In episode five, we explore the tragic consequences of...

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The coffee world has changed since Starbucks rose to prominence. Notonly has the sourcing of beans acquired wine-like precision, but nowthere are many small, local roasters. How'd this all happen? Episode 4brings you into the infrastructure underpinning third-wave coffee froma Kenyan coffee auction to a major coffee importer to a secret...