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Cox n' Crendor are back and this time they've got A LOT to talk about. Who is better Linkin Park or Blink 182? What happened to Jesse on his uber ride? And more importantly, we go deep into your dreams! All this and so much more, on this episode of CnC!

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Cox n' Crendor return, as the style gurus you knew they were! Trend setters and stylish men, the boys discover they've secretly been GQ models their entire lives. Also, Crendor regales us with more of his dreams and then we share 2 of our most favorite news stories of the year!

The boys are back and Crendor has a beef with retail shopping. Meanwhile Jesse discovers that deep down inside he's just very lonely. Also the boys become obsessed with a strange town in the middle of nowhere with a great name. All this and more on this episode of Cox n' Crendor.

Cox n' Crendor return with another all new episode! This time, the boys talk about Medieval Times, pancake eating the right way, drugged out birds, and why they both agree we need the Hunger Games. ...Obviously it's for selfish reasons. All this and more!