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Cox n' Crendor return to address the important issues this political season. Who is writing on crabs!? What gifts should you get for an anniversary? They serve alcohol at Chuck-e-cheese!? All this and more!

Jesse and Crendor return after a bout with that bastard bronchitis and decide conventions need cold firewalls. Jesse brings Crendor some amazing news stories and Crendor seems to recall that time we watched the Olympics.

They boys returns with another episode! This time, Jesse loses himself in Pokemon while Crendor ends up at the Renaissance Faire. They then proceed to talk way too much about a crazy woman on twitter who may or may not be an amazing troll.

The boys return, and spend a good while waxing poetic over the Warcraft movie. The boys then talk about 70 year old drug dealers, strange art movies, human puppies and a naked man at the waffle house. All this and more, on this exciting episode Cox n' Crendor.