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H.H. the Dalai Lama, the most prominent contemporary figure in Tibetan Buddhism, teaches regularly on a variety of topics ranging from entry level lectures to profound oral commentaries on seminal texts covering subjects such as Wisdom, Compassion, Ethics, Nature of the Mind, Buddhism and Science, and Meditation and Psychotherapy. His office does a great job making the teachings available through its official webcast. Now they are available in a podcast here as MP3 audio files encoded at 64Kbps mono. If you rather see video, check out the “Dalai Lama Video Teachings” podcasts (available in Standard Quality and High Quality).


A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life, The 37 Practices of A Bodhisattva and Nagarjuna's The Fundamental Wisdom; 16-August-2006 (Day 3 of 5; Afternoon) - Dalai Lama Audio Teachings on Tibetan Buddhism Podcast

May 14th, 2009

Episode 37 of 409 episodes

Initially the awakening mind of bodhichitta is aroused in meditation. But in the post meditative phase we may encounter opposing circumstances. Thogmey Sangpo explains how to transform these into factors that support our practice in the context of combatting the eight worldly concerns. The Bodhisattva also meditates on the ultimate awakening mind. In actual meditation he or she focuses on space-like emptiness, but in the post-meditational phase the focus is on illusion-like emptiness. In his discussion of emptiness, Nagarjuna challenges his opponents. He says their presentation of emptiness does not fulfil its purpose, which is to eliminate the afflictive emotions. He accuses them of foisting faults on him that arise from their own misconceptions. However, the range of different views, such as the Middle Way and Mind Only schools derive from the teaching of the compassionate Buddha who taught, skilfully addressing his listeners’ different aptitudes. His Holiness praises the following verses for their essential meaning: Whatever is dependently arisen That is explained to be emptiness. That, being a dependent designation Is itself the middle way. Since there is no phenomenon That is not dependently arising, There is no phenomenon That is not empty (of true existence).

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