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H.H. the Dalai Lama, the most prominent contemporary figure in Tibetan Buddhism, teaches regularly on a variety of topics ranging from entry level lectures to profound oral commentaries on seminal texts covering subjects such as Wisdom, Compassion, Ethics, Nature of the Mind, Buddhism and Science, and Meditation and Psychotherapy. His office does a great job making the teachings available through its official webcast. Now they are available in a podcast here as MP3 audio files encoded at 64Kbps mono. If you rather see video, check out the “Dalai Lama Video Teachings” podcasts (available in Standard Quality and High Quality).


Bodhisattva's Way of Life: 29-June-2006 (Day 6 of 7; Afternoon) - Dalai Lama Audio Teachings on Tibetan Buddhism Podcast

April 30th, 2009

Episode 11 of 409 episodes

His Holiness the Dalai Lama reflects on the connotations of the Sanskrit word Dharma holding, protecting and the equivalent Tibetan term chos bringing about transformation. Major religions such as Christianity speak of the protection afforded by closeness to a creator god while scientists see transformation mainly in physical terms, so Buddhist notions of protection and transformation are seen to be fruitfully different from those of either theistic religion or materialistic science. His Holiness then concludes his reading of the chapter on enthusiastic perseverance. In the presence of His Holiness and listening to Shantideva’s radiant speech the heroic Bodhisattva enterprise is no longer something far-off and improbably exalted. It becomes something assured, manifest to our eyes and ears. The profounder factors that complete the Bodhisattva ideal are still to be detailed however. Chapter 8, Meditative Concentration, begins with the call to single-pointed concentration. To achieve this state of blissful mental intensity all samsaric indulgences must be withdrawn from and foregone, His Holiness warns, as he gives his personal meditational instructions. With the mind in this serviceable state the actual stages of meditation on compassion and Bodhichitta can begin. The first is equalizing self and others.

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