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H.H. the Dalai Lama, the most prominent contemporary figure in Tibetan Buddhism, teaches regularly on a variety of topics ranging from entry level lectures to profound oral commentaries on seminal texts covering subjects such as Wisdom, Compassion, Ethics, Nature of the Mind, Buddhism and Science, and Meditation and Psychotherapy. His office does a great job making the teachings available through its official webcast. Now they are available in a podcast here as MP3 audio files encoded at 64Kbps mono. If you rather see video, check out the “Dalai Lama Video Teachings” podcasts (available in Standard Quality and High Quality).


Shantideva's Compendium of Precepts (Laptu) and A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life (Chod-jug); 24-Mar-2006 (Day 9 of 9; Morning) - Dalai Lama Audio Teachings on Tibetan Buddhism Podcast

May 10th, 2009

Episode 30 of 409 episodes

Today His Holiness started by reading from the 1,000 Songs of Milarepa. In Milarepa’s final instruction to Gompopa, he lifted his lower garment, exposing his bottom. It was hard and calloused, from extensive sitting in meditation. This means all instructions are to be used for meditation. This final instruction from Milarepa is very moving for His Holiness. In Japan, His Holiness saw the statue (on tour) of the Buddha during his six years of austerity and meditation. Seeing this statue of the Buddha, emaciated and in deep concentration, was a true instruction for His Holiness. To meditate upon the instructions of the mind of enlightenment, we must do so in a very systematic way. Eventually, the spontaneously arising mind of enlightenment will be achieved. We need effort in order to cultivate bodhichitta. For this, we need conviction. And for this, we need to study the systematic instructions, from reliable texts, knowing the exact order of the instructions. Using the Compendium, His Holiness then gave the ceremony of taking both the aspiring and engaging bodhichitta together. To take this bodhichitta ceremony on a regular basis is so helpful, His Holiness emphasized. Repeat the ritual one, three, or as many times as needed, in order to produce a moving experience within you. When you feel that indeed I am now generating bodhichitta in order to benefit all beings, then take the bodhisattva vow. Then His Holiness finished the transmission of both the Compendium and the Guide. From chapter 10 of the Guide: As long as space endures And for as long as living beings remain, May I too remain To dispel the misery of the world.

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