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Dateline is a weekly international half-hour documentary program that invites you to walk in the shoes of others in search of the inspiration and surprise in every global story.


From Miscarriage to Murder - Why are mothers in El Salvador being charged with homicide or manslaughter after losing a child? Dateline investigates the country's extreme anti-abortion laws and finds local women fighting to have their cases heard. (An SBS Production) CC

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Getting Away With Murder? - The Philippines President has pledged to slaughter every drug dealer and addict in the country, making way for death squads and encouraging vigilante killings. Dateline investigates what his tough justice really looks like and talks to assassins who say they work for the police, as well as the families of their...

Who's Still With Trump? - Dateline travels to the Rust Belt of Middle America, where old industries are dying, jobs are vanishing, and people feel cheated out of the great American Dream. Could their anger carry Donald Trump to the White House? (An SBS Production) CC

Love, Sex And Science - Can brain scans and DNA tests really help you find the person you should marry? Dateline looks into the role that science is playing in modern dating. (An SBS Production) CC