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Dateline is a weekly international half-hour documentary program that invites you to walk in the shoes of others in search of the inspiration and surprise in every global story.


Dateline is an award-winning international documentary series with a current affairs backbone. Every week, Dateline transports you to a different part of the world to share half-hour stories about family, social injustice, tragedy, redemption and survival. Dateline journalists scour the world for the special characters to bring you a world of...

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In part 1 of a special Europe investigation, Dateline looks at why French voters are shifting to the right and what hope the National Front party gives them of a new France.

In Japan, robots are used for companionship, household tasks, sex. But can they be the remedy for something deeper and more human: loneliness?

Following the weekend rejection of his healthcare plan, Donald Trump is licking his wounds after failing to deliver on his first big promise – to fix America’s health care system. Some are celebrating, but many Americans are now even more unsure about the future. (An SBS Production) CC