Dawn Treader Review

Dawn Treader

Society & Culture, History

The Dawn Treader is a mythical ship built in the land of Narnia, created by C.S. Lewis. This podcast is dedicated to the exploration of the mysterious and unexplained nature of our world as a tribute to her adventures. Here you will find a periodic exploration of various topics through thousands of samplings of researchers and experts, over an omnipresent background of music and effects. Seraphina introduces each episode and Michael, the navigator, guides the listener through the various segments of inquiry. The topic is surveyed and credits are placed, and at the end - there is still uncertainty, but the Dawn Treader is a vessel of hope and optimism. Our performance improves over time. For serious inquiry use this podcast as a directory to hundreds of different shows. Discover rough gems of wisdom and polished publications alike as our search continues ever on toward the dawn of understanding.


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