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Episode 59: GOP wins BIG...but there's more to the story

November 6th, 2014

Episode 84 of 279 episodes

There’s really only one story to tell about the 2014 midterm elections, right? Only one story, that is, if you rely on the constant stream of chatter from 24-7 cable TV, election-obsessed political rags, and the twitterverse for your news. The story? Republicans won – BIG TIME. And it’s true. Not only did the GOP swoop in and seize more than enough seats to take control of the Senate, in the House they likely* increased their majority to a margin Republicans haven’t enjoyed since Harry Truman was in the White House (*likely because vote-counts aren’t complete in a handful of congressional districts). But that’s not the only story the midterms have to tell. “On one level, they (the Republicans) were the big winners of the night,” says DecodeDC’s Senior Washington Correspondent Dick Meyer. “But you scratch deeper and you see this anger towards Washington, and I think even more importantly, you see a profound pessimism about the future, about the future of the economy, about the direction the country is going in. Sixty-five percent of the people in the exit poll said they think the country is seriously on the wrong track; not a little bit on the wrong track, seriously on the wrong track.” On the latest DecodeDC podcast, Meyer and host Andrea Seabrook talk about this, and other hidden stories from the midterm elections. Plus they ponder the consequences of an angry, disappointed, and pessimistic electorate for a Congress that, so far anyway, hasn’t learned its lesson. “It will take something for politicians at some moment in time, at some moment in our history to say ‘hey, let’s change the formula, and let’s try to act more statesmen-like for awhile and see how that changes the deck’,” Meyer tells Seabrook. “I think the opportunity for this election to do that is there, because I think the message is very clear to Washington. It was a profound message that we don’t like either party, we don’t like any group of leaders. Whether it plays out that way, I’m skeptical.” Want to keep up with all the latest DecodeDC stories and podcasts? Sign up for our weekly newsletter at decodedc.com/newsletter.

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