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Defected Records - A Boys Own Odyssey

June 9th, 2008

Episode 20 of 303 episodes

It was DJs and producers like Farley and Heller, Andrew Weatherall, Underworld, The Chemical Brothers and Xpress 2 who were responsible for the main hedonistic blur that was the 90s. They were the premier artists on Junior Boys Own, a label fondly remembered by all early house lovers. Clubbing was in its halcyon days, House was a new and exciting music and youth culture experienced a chemically induced revolution. These guys were the pioneers who pushed the music, promoted the clubs, DJd at the parties, and made records that were smashed on the dance floors. Through sheer demand for those records and for its long catalogue, the label is about to re emerge and the revival starts with a new compilation A Boys Own Odyssey. This is to be the debut compilation release, a collection of 11 of the labels most memorable tracks assembled by original selectors Terry Farley and The Misterons. Significant also for the fact that finally the JBO catalogue will now be available digitally, initially with the all the singles taken from this album plus all their respective mixes which will be available shortly after the album release. Tune in as we get the history lesson about where it really all started from the creators Terry Farley and Steve Hall. A Boys Own Odyssey is out now

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