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Discover your digital photo artistry! In the latest 3 episodes, I share my approach with both Aperture and Lightroom - showing similarities and unique tools for adjustment, as they apply to a specific image - a Tuscan Vineyard in the morning light. Also check out previous episodes featuring Aperture. -- Jim Everett lives in Los Angeles - originally from Australia, Jim is a photographic artist and entertaining presenter who demystifies technology. He launched and managed the initial development of User Learning for OSX at Apple. He was a repeat guest on the G4 Tech TV Canada "The Lab With Leo Laporte" show (see episodes), is a contributor to Photo Marketing Association on digital imaging and was featured in a PMA inflight video on American Airlines. Three podcasts featured on G4 Tech TV series "Torrent". Jim's prints were included in in an exhibition at LAX and Ontario International, "Distinctive Artists of Southern California". View photo work and artistry at http://jimeverettphotography.com, and http://flickr.com/photos/jimgeverett


Improving Images in iPhoto: 1 - Crop & tune

May 29th, 2009

Episode 15 of 23 episodes

This first iPhoto episode shows a couple of easy but important fine tunes - the value of cropping, and WHY giving the image some subtle enhancements can lift it out of the ordinary. These episodes are more about the WHY, WHAT and WHEN, rather than details of the HOW. There are plenty of excellent videos tutorials by other people on how to use iPhoto features. I want to share a few tips on why, what and when I enhance and adjust certain images.

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