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Macedonia’s Colourful Revolution

June 23rd, 2016

Episode 1273 of 1501 episodes

Lucy Ash meets Macedonia’s Special Prosecutors -three women who have become the scourge of the political elite and heroines of the street protests now rocking the tiny Balkan nation. Their job is to investigate claims of wrongdoing and corruption revealed in a huge wiretapping scandal. The former Prime Minister has called them puppets of the opposition but to protestors on the street the fearless trio are Macedonia’s Charlie’s Angels. But will they succeed in their crime fighting mission when they have a tight deadline and most state institutions are either refusing to cooperate with them or dragging their feet. Many argue that a Special Prosecution is not much use without a Special Court. Under the current patronage based system, high court judges are appointed only after the approval of senior politicians and the secret police. Produced by John Murphy

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