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The Best Nightclub in Africa

April 4th, 2015

Episode 998 of 1501 episodes

World renowned DJ Edu, aka The ‘Afro Boss’, is on a journey across Africa to explore how the young generation are having fun from Friday to Sunday. He starts in his hometown Nairobi and finds out how young, up and coming DJs, are making their mark on the music world by selling mixtapes on the public buses. In Morocco he finds a new music genre called ‘Afro-bian’ and in Botswana, an emerging outdoor festival culture is pushing back against government attempts to crackdown on anti-social behaviour. Moving to Central Africa and The Democratic Republic of Congo, DJ Edu meets the new generation of Sapeurs – Kinshasa’s gentleman dandies, now made famous by ad agencies around the world. He finishes in South Africa, whose native house music scene is taking the clubbing world by storm, and discovers a hipster’s paradise in Johannesburg, which has reformed a previously ‘no-go’ area to the ‘must-go’ area.

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