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A podcast for those wanting to learn or improve their English - great for any ESL or EFL learner. Visit us at http://www.eslpod.com.


1,012 - Preventing Shoplifting

June 30th, 2014

Episode 102 of 489 episodes

Some stores have to worry about people stealing from them. Find out what they do to stop theft in this episode. Slow dialog: 1:17 Explanations: 2:58 Fast dialog: 18:37 Luis: Wow, what happened here? I was only away on vacation for two weeks. Thelma: While you were gone, we redesigned this store with an anti-theft system. Luis: Is that why there are surveillance cameras and security guards everywhere? Thelma: That’s right. We’re losing too much money to shoplifters and I’m finally doing something about it. From now on, it’s zero tolerance. I don’t care if they’re petty thieves or kleptomaniacs. I’m rooting out every instance of shoplifting and prosecuting to the full extent of the law. Luis: What are all these cases for? Thelma: I’m putting the pricier merchandise under lock and key, and I’ve put security tags on most other items. I’m weighing whether to do exit inspections. I don’t want to go overboard. Luis: [sighs] No, you wouldn’t want to do that. Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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