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A podcast for those wanting to learn or improve their English - great for any ESL or EFL learner. Visit us at http://www.eslpod.com.


1,013 - Living With a Hoarder

July 4th, 2014

Episode 104 of 489 episodes

We all probably keep more things than we really need, but some people go to extremes. Find out how in this episode. Slow dialog: 1:14 Explanations: 3:29 Fast dialog: 15:01 Julio: Mom, don’t you think it’s time to get rid of some of the stuff in this house? Mom: Why? This house is fine the way it is. Julio: There are parts of this house that are nearly inaccessible. There are stacks of magazines and bags and boxes everywhere. Mom: I need all that stuff. You know I’ve always been a pack rat. Julio: I know, but I think things are getting out of hand. You have stuff on every surface and you can’t find anything in here. Mom: You can’t find anything, but I can put my hands on anything I want at any time. I collect and keep useful things, unlike you young people these days who throw away perfectly good things just because you don’t need them this minute. Julio: I think your hoarding is becoming compulsive. Mom: That’s nonsense. Just because you prefer living in a sterile environment doesn’t mean I have to. I don’t mind a little clutter. Julio: A little clutter?! You have junk mail from 15 years ago! Mom: You never know when something will come in handy. Now, don’t you have some room in your garage where I can store a few extra boxes? Julio: No, I don’t! Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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