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1,036 - Farming and Agribusiness

September 22nd, 2014

Episode 138 of 489 episodes

There wouldn’t be much food in the world if we didn’t have farms. But who should own them? Learn more in this episode. Slow dialog: 1:08 Explanations: 2:55 Fast dialog: 18:18 Brad: Is this your first visit to this area? Irene: It is and I’m surprised to see so many farms. I thought farming was a dying industry. Brad: Family farms and small-scale farming are disappearing, but agribusiness is alive and well, thanks to government subsidies. Irene: Are they lucrative? Brad: They can be, but the subsidies were originally given to protect the livelihood of farmers. Irene: And that’s not what’s happening? Brad: Well, agribusiness has edged out small-scale farms because output is the name of the game. A lot of small-scale farmers have thrown in the towel. Irene: That’s a shame, but the subsidies are still used to protect domestic food production, right? Brad: That may be, but we’re losing a way of life. I come from a long line of farmers. Irene: And you’re not farming? Brad: Nope. Irene: What do you do? Brad: I work for the government agency that gives out subsidies to the very farms that put us out of business. Irene: That’s quite a twist of fate. Brad: You said it. Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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