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1,139 - Major Historical Periods

September 18th, 2015

Episode 295 of 489 episodes

This episode may not be historic, but it is about historical periods. Listen to find out how to talk about different periods of history. Slow dialog: 1:28 Explanations: 4:09 Fast dialog: 17:09 Livy: Tell me again why we’re here on a Saturday afternoon. Nicholas: You’re going to love this museum. It has artifacts and exhibits from all the major periods in history, from prehistoric days to the present. Livy: Hmm, fascinating. Nicholas: It is, isn’t it? We follow the timeline of human history from one room to the next. See? This room is devoted to ancient history and ancient civilizations. Livy: Is there a gift shop? Nicholas: Sure, there’s one on the way out, but let me show you a few things in this room. It’s all about the Middle Ages. Check this out. Doesn’t it blow your mind? Livy: Yeah, wow, great. Actually, it’s all kind of dull. Isn’t there something more exciting to see? Nicholas: You want excitement? Then let’s skip ahead to the rooms on the Renaissance. Look at this! Livy: This is all great, but I’ve seen enough. Let’s keep going. Nicholas: We’re rushing past the best exhibits, but if you want to keep going, I guess we can do that. These next rooms are devoted to more recent history, the Industrial Revolution and pre- and post- World War years. Livy: Is there anything else? Nicholas: You mean you’re done looking at over 3,000 years of historical exhibits? This is one of the best museums in the world. I could spend all weekend here. Livy: That’s because you’re a history buff. Hey, that room is about the Information Age. Do you think I can check my email in there? Nicholas: [sigh] Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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