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985 - School Fundraisers

March 28th, 2014

Episode 62 of 489 episodes

School in the U.S. have lots of fundraisers for all kinds of reasons. Learn more about it in this episode. Slow Dialog: 1:17 Explanation: 3:23 Fast Dialog: 17:18 Valerie: What’s this? A.J.: It’s a note from Rachel’s school. It’s about the next fundraiser. Valerie: Oh no, not another one. What is it this time – a raffle, car wash, or spaghetti dinner? A.J.: It’s none of those things. It’s a combination bake sale and craft sale. Parents are supposed to donate baked goods and handmade items. Valerie: This is crazy. Every month there’s something else. Last month, it was a candy sale. I had to hit up everybody at work, and that’s on the tail of raffle tickets the month before. It’s like this every year. A.J.: I know, we already donated a lot of things to the rummage sale last semester and gift certificates for the silent auction two months ago. With two kids in two different schools, I feel like we never get a breather. Valerie: I know and there’s more. Brian’s school is asking parents to buy a brick that will be part of a new school building and our names will be engraved on it. A.J.: You’re kidding, right? One more fundraiser and my name will get engraved, all right – on my tombstone! Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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