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EPI 117 | What are your barriers to buying? LISTEN via streaming audio(01:02:28 min): DOWNLOAD (Right click and ‘Save as’): EPI 117 | What are your barriers to buying?(30MB) What’s news Lisa Parker on securing your site when you’re undertaking a renovation project Kaz on being festive! Feature –Barriers to buying Waiting for […]

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EPI 116 | Top Capital Growth drivers LISTEN via streaming audio(00:55:01 min): DOWNLOAD (Right click and ‘Save as’): EPI 116 | Top Capital Growth drivers(26.4MB) What’s news Buying at Christmas time–is it a good idea? What are the pros and cons of buying during the holiday period? Feature –Capital Growth drivers Kaz and Melbourne […]

EPI 115 |The Journey with Buyer’s Agent Cate Bakos LISTEN via streaming audio(01:02:20 min): DOWNLOAD (Right click and ‘Save as’): EPI 115 | The Journey with buyer’s agent Cate Bakos(29.9MB) What’s news A quick chat with Melbourne Buyer’s Agent Lisa Parker about auctions Kaz talks about when to pay asking price Feature –Melbourne Buyer’s […]

Two reasons why you should grab the latest issue of Australian Property Investor (API) Magazine this month: first, the cover storyreveals 60 of the nation’s most promising suburbs –undervalued yet with blue-chip quality and potential! Second reason: EPI’s, Kaz Young, was among the experts who chipped in their knowledge of these high-growth...